I spend most of my time in the wilderness, teaching, working, playing.  I can also be found speaking at various events, most recently the Infinite Man Summit

In a world awash and overrun with mediocrity, It is our goal to guide you towards your goals in an effective and proven system in which you become part of a team and learn by experiencing things instead of being told things.

This can be a reassuringly expensive way to reach your goals but as the old saying goes ¨you get what you pay for¨.

If you would rather spend your hard earned money on an iPhone, Xbox or some other material possession but you cannot justify the cost of personal development, attaining your goals and changing your life into something worth living then this is not for you.

I am going to teach you things that may save your life and the lives of your family one day.  I am going to teach you how to be the person that you wanted to be when you were young and if you value an iPhone or a pair of shoes to add to your already massive shoe collection then this is not the training company for you. I do not want you to have what I am offering but I i wish you all the best with whatever you choose to do next.

Likewise, if you are only interested in a luxury or unique holiday to tell your friends about later and are not prepared to put in the work then perhaps you would be better off somewhere else.

The information that I have is for hard working, humble, open minded people.  I don´t waste your time teaching you things that are of little use, I only teach you the things that work and things that I use myself.  If you choose to spend your money with me, I take that responsibility extremely seriously and endeavour to give the the maximum possible return on your investment.

All of the training that I conduct is based around my six guiding principles

  • Increase Self Sufficiency and Self Reliance
  • Confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Establishing a connection with nature and the world around you
  • Building and Maintaining a Life Worth Living
  • Security – Taking Responsibility for you own security
  • Maintaining a Small Footprint to minimise your impact on on the environment

If this speaks to you but you are just not able to afford it yet, don´t worry, I keep a blog over on my personal website that is full of useful information and it is 100% free with no ads.  We can organise online coaching sessions where we can talk, identify any goals and issues that you are having and  work out some practical solutions.  This is a lot cheaper for you than coming on an expedition but obviously of limited scope.

From time to time, we send out information of open places on courses or expeditions, last minute activities that have not been advertised or listed and information on up and coming dates and specials.  I hate spam, your email address will remain private and will never be abused but I want you to understand that I am going to send you occasional mail in the hope that it will be of interest to you.

What does Freedom mean to you?

When I think about it, it´s hard to put my finger on what exactly Freedom does mean to me. Through my work, teaching people how to have their own adventures by taking them on one of my own, I realised that I have found my own personal portal into a world that is free of the hustle and bustle of city life, free from the constant bombardment of information via emails, text´s and phone calls, free of worry about debts, money and health. I have found a place that everyone can be free from the stress of a bad relationship with your boss, family member or friends. It is a place that allows us to be free of the modern world, entirely, no noisy neighbours, no loud traffic, just the sound of the birds and the wind blowing through the leaves in the trees.

Out in the woods, all that we are is stripped from us and what remains is what is important, the only things that we need to give any thought at all to are eating and sleeping. Of course managing those two things in a way that works is hard, it can be physically demanding to cut a days supply of fire wood and it can be hard work to get to where you need to be too.

Through these simple tasks, we find lessons and teachings from nature that really show us what is important in life.

As my own life continues on it´s current path, more and more people that I meet want to find not just inner peace but true freedom. The truth is that we do not live in a free world, for better or worse, whatever the reasons, the world is not free, it cannot be free if it is to continue as it is now.

In nature there are few rules to follow but there are natural laws and these apply in the modern world too only, we are not taught these and despite being confronted with new information during every waking moment, most people move through life without ever learning the important of having an organised camp to keep the other animals away or how to tie a simple knot that can save your life in a fall or even how to get a free, safe drink of water from the stream or a free cup of tea from a nearby pine.

To me, to be free means to be independent, to be free of outside control and to make my own choices. If I fail, it is down to me, if I succeed, it is down to me too. Freedom is to be able to climb to the top of a mountain to see what is on the other side or to camp out with a fire in a nice piece of woodland without me having problems with the police or land owner for trespassing.

I want to be free to roam the land, to make use of it´s materials and it´s gifts as I see fit. We must take responsibility for our actions at the same time, we must not take any action that damages somebody´s property or hurts them in anyway, we must never take more than we need from the land and we must use good judgement when procuring food to ensure that we leave enough to grow back later or to breed and make more later.

This is why I started the Bushcraft and Survival company, I wanted to re-introduce people to what, deep down, they all already know but have become so conditioned by the modern world that they have forgotten. I want you to have the opportunities to come and learn so that you can go off on your own adventures afterwards.

When i talk with people about this, one common thread has emerged.  People that I speak to can be neatly divided into 3 categories.

1) Those that could never imagine stepping outside of the system, not for a minute
2) Those that want to but have a list of excuses as to why they cannot do it now but they really want to do it next year.
3) Those that say ¨I´m doing this¨ and make a booking

Category number 1:  I can understand and I can often help them by simply answered their questions and putting their mind at rest.  Most often, they just have the wrong idea about living outside and think it will mean eating cold, miserable food in the rain.  This could not be further from the truth and my feedback rate remains at 100% satisfied

Category number 2:  These guys usually never make it to one of my courses.  They always have a list of excuses and reasons that keeps them from doing what they really want to do.  If they can´t do it this year because they have to spend money on a car or a new phone then next year there will be plenty of other things for them to have to spend their money on first.  These guys mean well, they really want to escape the rat race and in many ways, they are the ideal client as they have the most to gain but they remain imprisoned by their own minds and it seems that this is a very difficult thing to overcome.

People who say ¨maybe next year¨ will never come on a trip with me, it is just the way it is.  They remain welcome, I want to work with them but they must take the first step towards freedom and in this case, it is freedom from themselves.  If you feel that you have to spend 1000 on a new phone and 700 on a new TV and then 8000 on a new car but you cant spend anything at all on developing your self into a fitter, stronger, more confident, happier person then you have some work to do before you can begin to realise your dreams.

Category number 3:  These guys tend to know what they want and how to get it.  They understand that when making a decision that feels like a big one, taking a really long time to think about it rarely makes it any easier.  They reason with themselves that in later life, everyone regrets the things that they did NOT do, not the things that they DID do and they are ready to jump into a new experience both feet first and extract the maximum value from it by committing all of their energy and enthusiasm for a short time.

I like Category number 3 and have learned a great deal from these inspired people and their enthusiasm is infectious!

Where will you´re adventure begin?

I invite you to contact me with your own idea´s on a trip but if you are just not sure what you want to do then i highly recommend joining me in the Boreal Forrest of Northern Sweden for log cabins, shelter building, campfires, swimming in lakes, hiking, secret spots and reindeer where you will learn the principles of bushcraft, survival and how to thrive.

Enter Asgard