My name is Matt Fletcher and I am the founder of which is a training company designed to take you back to nature and build you up into a person who you can be proud of.

Through years of training and hard earned experience, the experiences that I provide contains not only a set of solid, practical skills to help you to survive and thrive in any situation.

I want to help people to develop from a city slicker into a real man or woman who can look after themselves and to find your place in the world.

While we learn to live in the forest, the time we spend in nature, the lessons we learn and the peace we find helps to re-establish our connection with nature and can lead to a greater awareness of our internal struggles and can become a healing experience in ways that you would not expect.


The majority of men overestimate their skills in chaotic and stressful environments.

After several days outdoors, alone, the majority would be humiliated by thirst, hunger and exhaustion.

Women tend not to overestimate themselves but often lack the experience of utilising some controlled application of physical strength and aggression that
is sometimes necessary.

After a month, most would be dead.

We now live in a world of comfort, where the weak outnumber the strong and where the knowledge to live in uncomfortable environments has become
forgotten outside the last remaining indigenous tribes, specialists and professionals.


There are still vast areas of wilderness where you can find true silence interrupted only by the songs of nature. You will be guided you in the exploration of these incredible places and help you to prepare for the journeys that lie ahead.

Iʼm here to train you the highest level so that you can thrive in difficult and often changing circumstances; without supervision, and realise your potential beyond the comfortable life of a desk-job and a gym membership.

With little more than a sharp blade, your cunning and my guidance, youʼll learn
√    Start fires in the pouring rain
√    Build shelters against the breaking cold of hypothermia
√    Quench your thirst with water that wonʼt poison you
√    Feed yourself with food that will invigorate you
√    Protect your family from all manner of threats...

...and move through the forests in harmony with the creatures you see in
daylight and in respect of what you do not see in the shadows.

Youʼll develop physical and mental aptitude to overcome adversity. Humility, courage and commitment are the core values that drive the actions of all of my students, but it is the spirit to excel in alignment with nature within that ensures success.

Student Eligibility

I only work with determined individuals.

What sets my students apart isn't just how they're trained, the tools they use or their tactics. It's something much more primal—it's the spirit that
lives within every one of them and drives them to accept nothing less than success in all situations.

That determination to thrive, eagerness to confront challenge; and high standard of excellence are all traits strengthened in my courses.

Bushcraft goes far beyond survival and this training is for people looking to reclaim their connection to a variety of ancient and primal skills honed by their
forefathers. It is not for weekend warriors, spiritual lightweights or the weak minded.

It's the kind of training that you can be proud of: a way to use your natural skills, and develop new ones that stay with you for life. You will be instilled in you the qualities of inner and outer strength, to forage for food, fire, water and shelter but also to look inward to find the resources that you need.

From the essential skills needed to survive and thrive in the wild, to the enlightening and specialist skills of tracking and reading the landscape, that will empower you to recognise, interpret and follow the subtle signatures of the wildlife that shares our woodland

It's not for everyone, but it could be for you. Please contact me for to see if you might qualify.

Guiding Principles

All of the training that I conduct is based around my six guiding principles

  • Increase Self Sufficiency and Self Reliance
  • Build Confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Establish and strengthen your connection with nature and the world around you
  • Build and Maintain a Life Worth Living
  • Security – Take Responsibility for you own security
  • Maintain a Small Footprint to minimise your impact on the environment around you

The first step of your journey begins here.

The Blog is updated regularly and I write (mostly) about real life, practical, useful hacks, tips and tricks that will raise your outdoor quality of life from ¨wet, cold and miserable¨ to Warm, Dry and Cosy¨.   Most people save all of the good stuff for their paid courses, I don´t.  I have enough good stuff to go around and so don´t mind giving away free information if it helps you.

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