Articles by: Matt Fletcher

Women in the Wilderness

I speak with lot´s of women about the Great Outdoors and have trained, worked with and been trained by some amazingly talented women who really have their acts together in the world of Bushcraft. Bushcraft, the art of living outdoors, seems to come naturally to women and no camp is […]

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How to stay safe when traveling

Traveling usually put’s us outside of our comfort zone.  We are transported from our familiar surroundings, routines and people that we know into a different world of new and sometimes scary places and people.  In bushcraft, we often travel to far flung places in search of remote wilderness and can […]

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Why Training Is Important For You

Why is training important for you anyway? Training, of all fields, has undergone a revolution in the past 10 years.  It has been transformed from a process of copying an instructor and then being assessed on your ability to memorize or copy that instructor to a scientific method that has overtaken […]

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