Articles by: Matt Fletcher


Fear of the dark, fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of spiders and fear of snakes, what do they all have in common? Most of us have one or more of these common fears and there are plenty more too. We have a type of evolutionary memory that is […]

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Pro Tips #1

The first in a series of Pro Tips gleaned by me from my lifetime of Bushcraft and Survival training, Wilderness Expeditions, Teaching and Instructing.  I work with some amazing people with some amazing experience behind them and I make a point of making sure that I learn from them so […]

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Evacuating an Aircraft

While extremely unlikely, it is possible that you will have to evacuate an aircraft at some stage. I found this air crew training video quite interesting and useful in understanding how air crew are trained to deal with forced landings and how good they are likely to be at handling […]

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