Surviving the end of the world might not be most people´s main motivation (although it is for some!) but these tips will serve you no matter what you are doing, camping, adventuring, buschrafting, surviving or travelling.   I learned all of these little bits of information the hard way by making mistakes and suffering, i´ll leave it to you to imagine the often amusing and sometimes scary situations that I have found myself in while working all of this out.

I have hundreds of these tips lined up for you so keep an eye out if your find these interesting and if you do, leave a comment or share it so that other people can check it out too.  If this is all so basic to you that you can´t believe that anybody would bother writing it down because it is sooooo fundamental that even a noob would know then ok, this is not for you and you can check out some of the other articles on here but before you do, share it on your timeline so that some of your less pro friends can learn the basics, do them a favour and feel good about yourself for a moment as you do a nice thing for them.

Pro Tip # 5

Be careful where you site you camp.

If there are a lot of fallen trees in the area that you have selected to camp, bear in mind that all those trees fell over at some point and more will likely fall in the future, do you want to be under one when it falls? No?  

Then find a campsite that does not have lots of fallen trees around

In all seriousness, I was searching for an image to use in this post and found an endless list of stories about kids being killed in their tents by falling tree´s.  This happens a lot so look up, make sure there are no loose branches above you and look around, if there are massive branches laying around or fallen trees

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