• It is sometimes really tiring and hard
  • You have to work for everything, even going to the toilet is a mission
  • Your are responsible for you, if you fail, it´s on you, if you succeed, well done you
  • If you have the right clothes, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like
  • It is comfortable, there are no chairs or rules so you can lie down whenever you want, wherever you want.
  • The view is always better than it is in your living room
  • Food cooked over a fire always tastes 63% nicer and is on average 72% more satisfying
  • You sleep better outside, it´s probably the fresh air, nobody knows but we all sleep really well outside, a full and deep sleep and you wake up feeling great
  • There are few distractions, no phones or random people buzzing around, you can really just be in the moment and slow down
  • After 3 days and nights, you will be 102% healthier than you were before you left home


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