It was great, My favourite part was on the 2nd to last day and it was pissing down rain and we had to not only make fire food while it was raining, we had to cook food while it was raining and it was this craziness where we really were put to the test. So we had to keep the fire going and we were balancing pots and put the ingredients in and it was just chaos but we really put our skills to the test. We managed to light the fire and cook the food successfully while we got soaked but it was really amazing to see the team work and to experience the pressure and test our skills and yeah, we did something that we thought was going to be really difficult…starting a fire with sparks in the pissing down rain and cooking our food and we achieved it, the feeling of success within the group and the bonding was really, really, amazing, it felt really great and i´m super happy and i recommend you come and experience it yourself.


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